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CV/resume visibility explained
CV/resume visibility explained
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When sharing lists, you'll have a few options to control access to them. These options can be found by going to your Settings -> Shared list configuration -> General settings and they include:

  • Invite only: This means that the user accessing your list needs to have been invited by one of your team members in order to access the list. Forwarding the list link won’t allow the receiver to access it.

  • List access restricted: This means that the contents of the list will only be visible once the user has verified their email. They can access the list through a forwarded link or direct invites.

  • Anyone with the link: Using this setting will allow anyone with access to the list’s link to view its contents.

Additionally, each of these access settings can be customized in order to only allow candidate viewing via CV request or email verification.

You can also control the visibility settings on each individual list by going to the List configuration tab within them.

These settings also apply to restricted custom fields. If a custom field is set to "restricted", its data will only be visible to the client once the CV/resume is visible.

You can learn more about custom fields and their settings by checking this article here.

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