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Want to add more information to your candidate submissions? Setup custom fields that will enable you to add more data points to each candidate profile.

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Step 1

In order to start creating custom fields, click on your initials or profile picture in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then, go to settings and click on the custom fields item of the Shared list configuration section. The user types that can manage custom fields are Owner and Admin.


Step 2

Click the Add new field button to create a new custom field.


Step 3

A modal will pop up where you will be able to enter the Field title, description, and get a preview of the custom field.


After clicking Next you will be able to select the field type from the following options:

  • Single line text

  • Long text

  • URLs

  • Date fields

  • Number fields

  • File upload

  • Rate

Custom Field access explained

  • Restricted (The client will need to request and have access to the candidate before seeing the field) this will apply to Marketing Lists in most cases.

  • or Instantly visible, this is the default setting for all Job Submission lists

Custom Field visibility explained

  • Public: visible to the end client

  • or Internal: only visible to your team and ideal if it is sensitive information you intend to keep confidential from the end client

Now you will be able to find the custom field when uploading a new candidate or when editing an already existing one.


Here is where your custom fields will be visible on your candidate's profile:


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