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Adding Files to your Candidate Submissions
Adding Files to your Candidate Submissions
Updated over a week ago offers the flexibility to include multiple files alongside the resume to your Candidate Submissions, enhancing your presentations and making it easy to provide a comprehensive overview to your clients. This guide will walk you through the simple process of adding additional candidate files such as portfolios, certifications, and more.

Creating a Custom File Upload Field

  • Add a new custom file upload type field for the additional files you wish to include on your candidate submissions. Keep in mind that supports multiple file uploads within a single custom field. Example: You can create a "Certifications" custom field to upload multiple certification documents. To learn more about Field Management, visit our Help Center article.

Configure Candidate Appearance Settings

  • Navigate to Settings -> Candidate Appearance and add the custom file upload field to the desired candidate appearance. This will ensure that it appears when reviewing and activating the candidate. To learn more about Candidate Appearance, visit our Help Center article.

Uploading Additional Files

  • When getting a candidate ready, you'll now find your custom file upload field in which you can add the additional files.

  • Files can be added directly from Bullhorn or imported from your device.

  • As shown below, you can add multiple files to a single custom field.

Automatic File Numbering and Tab Display

  • If multiple files are added to one custom field (e.g., multiple certification documents), will automatically number and organize them.

  • These files will be displayed on the left-hand side and as additional tabs alongside the CV in the client's view.

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