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Submission Stages explained
Submission Stages explained
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Submission Stages allow you and your clients to track the entire lifecycle of candidates from submission to placement seamlessly. You'll not only find default submission stages, but you'll also be able to create and customize your own! In this article, you'll learn everything about how they work.

We've also prepared a quick 2-minute video to show you all the ins and outs:

Default Submission Stages

Below, you'll find a list of our default submission stages and how they work:

  • To review: This is the default stage for all candidates, and it lets you and your client know they haven't seen the candidate yet and still need to review it.

  • CV requested (available only for lists where the CV is set to "needs to be requested"): This stage will be automatically set when your clients request a CV for a given candidate.

  • CV revealed (available only for lists where the CV is set to "needs to be requested"): Once you accept your client's request to reveal a CV for a candidate you'll see it automatically change to this stage right after.

  • Interview: This stage is set when your client clicks on the "Request Interview" button for any of your candidates. You can also set this one manually.

  • Declined: This stage is set when your client clicks on the "Decline" button for any of your candidates. You can also set this one manually.

Creating your own Custom Submission Stages

Company-wide Submission Stages:

If you're an owner or an admin type user, you can create company-wide default custom stages that will be available on any new job submission list that users create.

You can further customize new stages on a list level in order to add and remove stages or rename them. Simply navigate to your Settings or List Configuration, click on Submission Stages, and add a new stage as shown below. Then name it, select a color, and an icon. That's how simple it is!

Submission Stages on a list level:

Updating Submission Stages on behalf of your clients

As previously mentioned, some stages change automatically depending on your client's actions within a list, but they can also be changed manually by both you and your clients. Any stage change made on either side will automatically sync and reflect on both sides. You can change a submission stage on behalf of your clients from the dropdown within a candidate's card or profile. Simply click on the stage label or open the profile and select the desired new stage as shown below:

Candidate card:

Candidate profile:

List Navigation

Stages are visible both for you and your clients and are a very useful way to find specific candidates on the submission lists. You can navigate lists based on stages, with counters offering a clear overview of the number of candidates in each stage, as shown below:

Internal list view:

Client list view:

Inform clients about stage updates via email

Whenever you update a submission stage you'll be prompted to a modal that will allow you to decide whether you want to send your clients an email update about this or not. When changing the status to Interview or Declined you'll also have the option to enter available times to interview or the declined reason. These additional notes will be visible on both the messenger and the email.

Bullhorn Sync

Currently, syncs the interview and declined stages. Coming up next, we are working on a full integration and mapping of all submission stages to Bullhorn which will be available very soon. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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