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How to update Submission Stages on behalf of your clients
How to update Submission Stages on behalf of your clients
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Submission Stages allow you and your clients to track the entire lifecycle of candidates from submission to placement seamlessly. In this article, you'll learn how to update them on behalf of your clients.

The interview and declined stages change automatically when your clients request an interview or decline any candidates by using the buttons on the live chat. All submission stages can also always be changed manually by both you and your clients. Any stage change made on either side will automatically sync and reflect on both sides.

How to update a Submission Stage on behalf of your client

To change a submission stage on behalf of your clients, simply open the candidate and click on the current submission stage. A dropdown will then allow you to select the desired new stage as shown below:

Inform clients about stage updates via email

Whenever you update a submission stage you'll be prompted to a modal that will allow you to decide whether you want to send your clients an email update about this or not. When changing the status to Interview or Declined you'll also have the option to enter available times to interview or the declined reason. These additional notes will be visible on both the messenger and the email.

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