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Sort candidates on your Job Submission lists
Sort candidates on your Job Submission lists
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Our sorting feature will enable you to set the order of candidates within every submission stage on your Job Submission lists. This way you can select which candidates should be visible at the top of each stage on the list for your clients.

Sorting candidates on Job Submission lists

You can sort candidates effortlessly by simply hovering your mouse over their names. A handle will appear on the right side, which you can use to arrange the candidates according to your preferences, as shown below:

Drag and Drop candidates across Submission Stages

You can also drag and drop candidates across submission stages. will automatically sync these changes to Bullhorn based on your job submission status mapping settings.

For our clients with their list access setting set to CV needs to be requested, when dragging and dropping candidates to the CV revealed stage, a modal will pop up asking if you wish to reveal the candidate's CV.

Keep in mind only clients can move candidates to the CV requested stage.

When changing the candidate's submission stage, a modal will pop up asking if you wish to notify your client about this status change via email. You can choose to either email your client or proceed without email.

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