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Adding Candidates Without CVs/Resumes to Lists
Adding Candidates Without CVs/Resumes to Lists
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In this quick guide, we'll explore how to add candidates without CVs to your lists, how this appears in the client's view, and how to add a CV later in the process to an existing submittal.

How to add a candidate without a CV/resume

By clicking on "Add Candidate" on the top right corner you'll be presented with two options to add a candidate without a CV/resume. You can import it from Bullhorn, search for the candidate, and then click on the "Add candidate without CV/resume" button, which will ensure your submittal is synced with Bullhorn; or simply choose the "Add candidate without resume/CV" option.

In both cases, you'll be prompted to create the candidate, and then proceed with your normal workflow to set the candidate active and share it with the client.

Client View of Submittals Without CVs

Below, you can find how a no-CV submittal looks on the client's view.

Adding CVs to Existing Submittals:

If a CV becomes available later, follow these simple steps. Click on the three dots on the candidate card or open the candidate profile. Select "Add CV/Resume," and then either upload the file from your device or select it from the candidate record in Bullhorn (this option will only be available for candidate submissions originally imported from Bullhorn).

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