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Jobs Submission Status Mapping
Jobs Submission Status Mapping
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Automatically set the selected job submission status for a candidate in Bullhorn when the status of the corresponding candidate changes in

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

Head over to your Settings and scroll down until you locate the Status mapping section:

Step 2

Match the Bullhorn statuses that better adjust to your use case:

Step 3

Select whether you wish to add a note for each of these Bullhorn status changes:

For the AE Rejected, Interview, and Declined Candidately status you can also decide if you only wish to add a note if a reason or a time to interview was provided.

See the screenshot below for an example of a status change and Bullhorn note creation:


Pro tip πŸ’‘: You can also choose a selection of Bullhorn Job Submission and Global Candidate statuses that will set candidates to inactive (for example, if the candidate is not interested, already placed, or set to Do Not Use). Feel free to try this out!

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