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Activating and Utilizing the "Teams" Feature in
Activating and Utilizing the "Teams" Feature in
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Activating the "Teams" Feature for Your Account

💡Important: Initiating the "Teams" activation requires a request to the team. Simply reach out to our support team, and once the request has been made, we will facilitate the activation, ensuring that the feature is readily available for your account.

What "Teams" Can Do for You and Your Team

The "Teams" feature in Candidately offers a range of benefits to enhance collaboration and productivity within your team:

Streamlined Collaboration: With shared access to lists, team members can work together seamlessly without the need for access requests.

Standardized Customization: You can set the default list theme, candidate appearance, email template, and currency for each team. This is to ensure a consistent and professional image throughout your communications. You can do this by navigating to Settings -> Teams and clicking the "Edit" button that shows up when you hover over the team's name.

Creating a new Team:

To create a new team, simply navigate to your Settings->Teams. Then click on the "Create new team" button that is in the middle or top right of the screen, as shown below.

Then, on the menu that comes up, you can enter the Team's name, then select the default theme, candidate appearance, email template, and currency.

Assigning your users to Teams:

Assigning users to teams is really easy! First, go to your Settings->Users. Now, you can click the "Edit" button next to the user's permission level. On the menu that comes up, you can then assign the user to a Primary team, and also add them to as many secondary teams as needed!

👋 We are always here for you if you need us!

Remember, our whole team is around, almost 24/7 to support you! In fact, you can simply press the messenger button on the bottom right of this page to start chatting with us! Our team will be happy to assist you.

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