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Navigating custom tab in the company and contact records in Bullhorn
Navigating custom tab in the company and contact records in Bullhorn
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Enhance your experience by seamlessly navigating as a custom tab on both Company and Contact records in Bullhorn. Gain comprehensive insights into shared lists, enabling efficient client interactions. For a step-by-step setup guide on how to set up as a custom tab, visit our Help Center article.

Navigate Custom Tab on Company Records

The integration as a custom tab in Bullhorn company records offers a valuable overview of the contacts associated with each company, enabling you to effortlessly track list-sharing activities with each contact. For a more detailed list overview, simply click into individual contacts.

Navigating Custom Tab on Contact Records in Bullhorn

Leverage custom tab on Bullhorn contact records. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the lists a contact has been invited to. Additionally, you can quickly check the status, candidate count, and first-time shared details for each list.

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