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Basic Bullhorn integration setup
Basic Bullhorn integration setup
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Basic Bullhorn integration setup

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πŸ“– Read the step-by-step guide

First, head over to your Settings and click on Bullhorn in the Integrations section.

πŸ’‘Important: Setup of the Bullhorn integration can only be done by owner-type Candidately users.


Next, press the "Sign in with Bullhorn" button to sign in with your Bullhorn credentials. If you are already signed into your Bullhorn account on the same browser this step will be skipped and you will be automatically connected.


Next, scroll down and switch the toggle to activate the integration and End Client Sync.


A loading bar will appear in the top right corner. It shows you the progress for your initial client sync. During the sync, Candidately connects to your Bullhorn CRM to sync companies and contacts. Learn more about End Clients here.


Congratulations πŸŽ‰ your basic Bullhorn integration is now set up. You can head over to your Shared Lists and try importing a candidate from your Bullhorn account.


Next, continue with the advanced Bullhorn setup and add Candidately as a custom tab inside your Bullhorn. Learn how to do that here.

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