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Candidate statuses explained
Candidate statuses explained
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Candidate Statuses


Uploaded candidates are added to your list with this status by default. As a draft, they are not visible to your clients. This way, you are able to verify the data and make any necessary changes before activating them.


Your candidates are visible on the list to your clients. By changing the default settings, you have the option of candidates appearing as "Active" as soon as they are uploaded. This provides a faster way to add new candidates to lists and have them available for your clients right away.


Similar to โ€œDraftโ€, your candidates wonโ€™t be visible to your clients, but they will be available on the list for you to review, edit or delete them.

Pro Tip ๐Ÿ’ก: You can switch the default upload status for all new lists under Settings โ†’ General Settings. Or for lists individually through the list configuration tab, which you can find on each list.


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