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Sort candidates on your Marketing lists
Sort candidates on your Marketing lists
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Sorting mode will enable you to set the order of candidates on your Marketing Lists. This way you can select which candidate should be visible at the top of the list for your clients.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

To turn on sorting mode press the button visible next to the filter icon:

Step 2

To sort candidates on your list simply grab the handle on the left-hand side of each candidate card to drag the card up or down.

When the sorting mode is turned on the search bar will disappear and you will see a small tag on the bottom of your page that indicates the status. Press Save or Discard to disable sorting mode.

πŸ’‘Attention, when sorting candidates the new sorted list will only be visible on shared links but not on your own view. By default, the most relevant candidate is shown at the top to you.

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