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Preview your candidate profile and list before sharing it with a client
Preview your candidate profile and list before sharing it with a client
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Previewing the candidate profile and list is a valuable feature that allows you to ensure your clients see exactly what you want them to. Below, we've outlined the available options for previewing both individual candidates and the entire list.

Open the candidate internally

Simply click the “open” button on the candidate card:


This allows you to access the candidate profile view, offering a glimpse at what your clients will see. Please note this also includes Bullhorn candidate data which is solely internal:


Preview the list externally

You can click the “More” button near the top of the list as shown below, to open a new browser tab with the client-side version of your list, allowing you to check its appearance and content.


💡 Important Note: You might have noticed that our preview feature includes a sample client named Peter Parker ([email protected]). Rest assured, this sample client will not be visible to your clients. It's solely for preview purposes.

Share with yourself to preview the end-to-end workflow

Additionally, for a comprehensive test of the client experience, you can click the “Share your list” button and enter your personal email address to receive an invite and access the list as if you were a client.


💡 Important: please refrain from using an email that you intend to add at a later date as a Candidately user in order to avoid complications with the account. We strongly suggest you use a personal email for this test instead of a work/company one.

👋 We are always here for you if you need us!

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