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Automatically update lists through Candidately Automations
Automatically update lists through Candidately Automations
Learn how to set up automations within Candidately in order to automatically update your lists given certain actions in Bullhorn
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Through the use of the Automations feature, you will be able to set up triggers and actions that will take place automatically when you update or make changes to your candidates or tearsheets in Bullhorn.

In order to start using Automations, you first need to set up your Bullhorn integration with Candidately. Once done, simply go to one of your lists to find the Automations tab waiting for you. Then, click the "Create new automation" button.

Once you click the button you can:

1) Name your automation: We recommend you give it a descriptive enough name. It will make things easier in the future, we promise!

2) Select a trigger: The trigger is what makes automation run. It can be either changing a candidate field in Bullhorn (Yes, any field), adding a candidate to a tearsheet, or removing a candidate from a tearsheet.

Now, depending on your trigger, you need to either:

  • Select the Bullhorn field AND the trigger value that moves the automation forward or

  • Select the tearsheet that is monitored in order to trigger the automation

  • Set use a Bullhorn Automations (Herefish) webhook - Learn more

3) Select the action: The actions that can currently be executed by the automations are pretty self-explanatory. They currently include:

  • Set candidate active.

  • Set candidate inactive

  • Delete candidate.

  • Import a candidate*

*For imported candidates you will need to select which CV/Resume file type will be imported, as well as the status that the candidate will have once added to the list. Keeps in mind that the most recently added file will always be selected.

Finally, you can save and activate your automation, which puts it on the lookout for the triggers in order to get your actions executed.

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