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Auto-import of candidates from jobs
Auto-import of candidates from jobs
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Within your Candidately settings in the Bullhorn section, you are able to set up a trigger that will add candidates to your lists automatically when your candidates’ status in Bullhorn is updated or changed.

💡 Important: This feature affects all your lists connected to a Bullhorn job (Both current and future ones), so please make sure you really understand what it does before activating it.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

In order to start using this feature, scroll down on the settings screen.


Here you can:

1) Select a trigger: The trigger is what makes this feature run. Whenever the candidate’s status changes to the selected one the import will start.

2) Select file type: You will need to select which CV/Resume file type will be imported. Keeps in mind that the most recently added file will always be selected.

Finally, you can save the changes, which puts the feature on the lookout for the triggers in order to get your action executed.


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