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Bullhorn automation (Herefish) trigger
Bullhorn automation (Herefish) trigger
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You can use Candidately's Automations feature to add a Herefish webhook trigger to your lists. Here we'll break down the process step by step.

Important: The webhooks option is not enabled by default on Herefish. If you don't see it simply contact the Bullhorn support team and let them know.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

Go to the automation section within your desired list. To do this:

  • Click on the "Lists" icon on the left navigation bar

  • Select the list in which you want to set up the webhook trigger.

  • Click on "List configuration" -> "Automations"

From here, you can click on "Create a new automation" and, after naming it, select the "Bullhorn automation webhook (Herefish)" option from the "Triggers" dropdown. You'll get the details that need to be inserted in Herefish.


Step 2

Go to your Herefish automation and click "Add new step" -> "Webhook".


Step 3

Copy and paste the details from Candidately into the form and click "Save".


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