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Split-desk Workflow
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The Splitdesk workflow is a feature within the shared lists thought to be used by recruiters to indicate that a candidate is ready for hiring managers to review. This workflow revolves around three main steps: Add the candidate to a list, mark the candidate as ready, and set it active after the final review.

This new feature allows for more flexibility in managing candidate statuses and better communication between recruiters and hiring managers. By adding the Ready status and notifications, staffing agencies can streamline their candidate presentation process, making it easier to present candidates to their clients.

Below you can find a step-by-step explanation of how it all works!


0) Turn on the split-desk workflow: For this, go to your Candidately settings -> General settings -> Enable split-desk workflow -> Yes.

1) Adding a candidate to a list: First, the candidate(s) get added as Draft to the desired list by following the process described in this article here (Or here if the list is not created yet).

2) Mark the candidate as "Ready": Once the candidate is on the list you can:

  • Click on the Review & Update button.

  • In the side menu that comes up, you can verify everything is properly filled in and then click the Mark as ready button to change the candidate status to Ready ("Ready" candidates are not visible to your clients until they are set to Active).

  • Setting candidates to Ready will trigger an email notification that is sent to all your colleagues assigned to the list that groups all updates within 15 minutes.

3) Set the candidate to "Active": After the candidate is set to Ready, the hiring manager or person in charge can click the Review and Activate button to finalize the process by reviewing and clicking the Set active button in the side menu that comes up.

Colleague notifications

As part of the split desk workflow, we have notifications that go out to your colleagues when candidate statuses change. The main takeaways are:

  • Notifications are grouped if they are less than 15 minutes apart.

  • Once 15 minutes have passed without candidates being marked as ready, an email is triggered to all the colleagues assigned to the list.

  • The email summarizes all the candidates that have been marked as ready.

You'll be able to see what changes were made, to which candidates, and when notifications went out, via the Activity feed.

"Ready" filter

Finally, we added a Ready option to the list's filter. This makes it easy to check which candidates have this status and go through them smoothly.

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