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Jan Jedlinski
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Learn how to create your first candidate submission right from within Bullhorn.

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Step 1

Open a job in Bullhorn, click on the Candidately tab and hit the “Create List” button. Candidately automatically pulls the job title including the job ID from Bullhorn as the list name. You can always change the list name before you create the list.


Step 2

Select the candidate you would like to submit.


Step 3

Pick the candidate's latest resume. Please note that your candidates can have multiple file types attached to their profile in Bullhorn. In case the candidate has more than one file (resume etc) you will see all files listed in this view. Pick the file you wish to present to your client.


The candidate's profile will be created


Step 4

Review and add additional candidate information before you submit the candidate to your client.


The side menu will open up and you can add any additional data to your candidate profile. For example the candidate's availability, skills, and a recruiter note. Please note you can create custom fields and fully customize the data you would like to present. Learn more about custom fields here.


Step 5

Set your link active


Step 6

Share the submission with your client


We automatically suggest client contacts that are assigned to the job in Bullhorn.


Draft a message to the client and hit send.


What does the submission look like for my client? Read this article to learn more.

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