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Navigating the Standalone Messenger
Navigating the Standalone Messenger
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The Standalone Messenger feature in Candidately provides users with a dedicated space to manage all their message threads, making communication with clients smoother and more efficient than ever before.

With its intuitive interface and functionalities, users can streamline their messaging workflows, and stay organized.

Accessing the Standalone Messenger

To access the Standalone Messenger, simply navigate to the Messenger section in the Candidately browser-based application.

Managing your threads from the Standalone Messenger

Our Standalone Messenger feature provides users with a centralized location for all message threads they are assigned to. Users can use the search bar to quickly find message threads by:

  • List name

  • End client company name

  • Candidate name

Messages are sorted by the last interaction date, allowing users to easily track the most recent communications. Unread messages are indicated with a green dot next to them, making it easy to identify new communications.

Tip πŸ’‘: Visit our Help Center Article about how the Live Chat works to learn more.

What actions can users perform on candidates within the Standalone Messenger?

Users can perform various actions on candidates within the messenger.

  1. They can send messages, add attachments & emojis, and send an email copy to themselves by ticking this option.


  2. If the list access settings are set to "CVs need to be requested", users can choose to hide or reveal a candidate's resume using the eye icon, and also reveal the CV/resume when requested by a client.

  3. Candidate Assignees Management: users can edit the assignees for each candidate directly within the Messenger.

  4. Click on the "Open Candidate" button in the Messenger to navigate to the full candidate profile.

Message Details

The right-hand side of each messenger message displays details of the candidate, including their name, job title, candidate status, and stage, the list they're a part of, end client, which user added them, days since added, and last interaction timestamp.

Standalone Messenger: List Level

Navigate to the Messages section within a list to find a dedicated space to manage all your list message threads, streamlining your messaging workflows and helping you stay organized.

Standalone Messenger: Client Portal

Clients can access the Standalone Messenger on the Client Portal by navigating to the Messages tab, streamlining their communication workflows with your agency.

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