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Marketing lists: Inbound message routing
Marketing lists: Inbound message routing
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Message routing is a feature tailored to enhance and improve client engagement by providing a more personalized approach to client communications. By activating this feature, you ensure all incoming client messages for candidates in a marketing list are directed solely to the designated Bullhorn contact owner. This targeted approach enhances efficiency, helps you provide prompt responses, and enables personalized client engagement, ultimately driving better outcomes for your agency.

Please note πŸ“š: This feature is a Marketing list exclusive.

How do I set a contact owner?

Contact owners are automatically assigned through your BH integration. As long as the Candidately user matches with a BH contact owner, the system assigns them automatically as shown below.

You can also manually assign and remove contact owners within Candidately without affecting your BH setup. You can add a Primary Owner and then as many Secondary owner as you wish!

How to enable message routing

You can enable message routing on a list-by-list basis. To do so, go to any of your marketing lists, then List configuration -> General -> Inbound Message Routing. You can then select the "Contact Owner" Option.

How does it work after enabling?

Once you've enabled Message routing, whenever a client with an assigned contact owner opens a message thread on a marketing list, the contact owner will be automatically assigned to the thread. Then, this and any further message notifications will be received only by them.

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