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Client email notifications: Automated Follow-Ups
Client email notifications: Automated Follow-Ups
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When you enable Automated Follow-Ups, we will automatically send email reminders to clients who have not yet reviewed the candidates you’ve submitted. This ensures that no candidate gets left in limbo and encourages timely decision-making. This helps ensure quicker reviews from clients and allows you to make faster placements, boosting your agency’s productivity.

What does it look like?

An automated follow-up looks very similar to the automatic notifications we send when you add a new candidate to a list. Keep in mind that since this is a general notification, there is no way to modify the message or information that goes out to your client on these automated follow-ups.

Where Can You Find Automated Follow-Ups?

On a list level, when sharing a list, you can click the bell icon to change the "automatic follow-up" setting for each client. Make sure you set your clients to be subscribed to "List updates & Automated follow-ups", as shown below:

Additionally, you can customize the timing, frequency, and default state of these automated follow-up emails:

  • on individual lists: List configuration → Client notifications

  • on company-wide settings (available to Admins and Owners): Settings → Client notifications
    Keep in mind, any changes here will reflect only on new lists created thereafter.

Important 💡: If your account is set up with a Bullhorn integration, any automatic follow-ups sent to your clients will create a new note in Bullhorn.

Important 💡: You can check when your automated follow-ups go out by clicking on the activity tab as shown here in the image below.

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