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Client email notifications explained
Client email notifications explained
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Email Notifications

There are several types of email notifications that your clients can receive.

1. Email confirmation when trying to access your public lists.

2. Invite email to view your shared list.

3. CV revealed email to let your client view the CV they requested.

4. Automated Updates that go out when you add or remove candidates on a list already shared with your client. Learn more
​5. Automated Follow-Ups that go out when your client hasn't seen your candidates after a set amount of time. Learn more

6. Message notifications to let your client know you've replied to a candidate chat within a list.

All emails from Candidately are sent from [email protected] and include your name and company logo.


We use Sendgrid for sending emails and have the highest possible delivery rates and scores to ensure all notifications to your clients are reliably delivered.

In-app notifications

Additionally, while your client is in the portal we have markers that show up whenever they receive or have unread messages.


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