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Our Email templates feature allows you to have multiple options when sharing lists with your clients - you can choose between writing a new message or selecting a pre-saved email template. In this article, you'll learn how to create and manage your email templates!

How to create and manage email templates

In order to create a template, simply navigate to Settings > Shared list configurations > Email templates and hit Create new template. Now enter a template name, email subject, and email message. Select between the following options:

  • Plain text email or Styled email

  • Availability: Everyone or Myself

You can now Preview your template and once ready, hit Save! Your email template will now be available when sharing a list with a client.

Please note πŸ“š: Only owner and admin type users can create company-wide email templates by setting the availability to "Everyone". They are also able to edit, delete, duplicate, and manage all templates set to "Everyone" and their own private templates.

Member type users can only create email templates available for themselves. They can view all templates set to "Everyone", and they can duplicate these templates, creating a private "Myself Only" copy. They can also edit, delete, and manage their own private templates.

As described above, depending on your user permission level, you can also edit, duplicate, and delete templates:

Personalization tokens

But that's not all! Sharing candidate lists with multiple recipients can make personalizing each email challenging. Our email templates can have personalization tokens for automatic customization. Tokens serve as placeholders for relevant information, such as the recipient's name or list name, and are replaced with the appropriate data when the email is sent, ensuring a tailored experience for each recipient. Our available tokens are:

  • List Attributes: List URL and List name

  • Contact Attributes: First name, Last name, and Email

  • Client Attributes: Company name

  • Author Attributes: Author first name, and Author last name

To add a token, click anywhere in the text and then on the {...} icon on the right, as shown below:

Fallback on tokens

Fallbacks help maintain coherent and engaging emails even when certain data points are unavailable. A fallback value is a predefined alternative that replaces a personalization token when the intended data is missing. The following tokens currently offer the option of setting a fallback, as these are the only ones that may be empty:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Company name

For example, if you use a token for the recipient's first name but their first name isn't available on the contact record, the fallback value (such as "there" or "friend") is used instead. This prevents emails from containing gaps where relevant information should be. To edit a fallback value simply click on the token and edit it as shown below:

How to send an email template

When clicking on Share your list you'll be presented with the option to write a new message or select from your email templates. Simply click on Email templates, and select the desired template, as shown below:

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