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How can my client forward a list to their colleagues?
How can my client forward a list to their colleagues?
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When you share a list with your client the chances are high that the client wants to share the list with their colleagues. This could be for example to show the candidates to other team members for feedback.

This is certainly possible! Your clients simply need to click the "Forward" button within a list and enter their colleagues' emails. They can also add a message if needed.

The "Forward list" feature also includes the following functionality:

  • Add Multiple Recipients: Clients will see an 'Add' button next to the email input field, allowing them to forward a list to up to 10 colleagues at once.

  • Batch Addition: Clients can paste a list of emails separated by commas into the input field, and the system will automatically add all valid email addresses as recipients.

  • Auto-Complete: To streamline the sharing process, our system will now suggest email addresses based on each client's past sharing activity.

Moreover, clients have the option to copy the URL of the list and share it with colleagues. This method will be successful in allowing others to access the list unless the list access settings are set to invite-only, in which case forwarding is disabled. Attempts to access the URL by people who're not invited by your team under such settings will display a message stating "The list you're trying to access is not available."

We strongly discourage forwarding the initial invite email because the link contains a token specific to the invited email, preventing successful access by others.

๐Ÿง Keep in mind: Colleagues that your client forwards the list to are not automatically subscribed to list updates. Once they accept the invite, follow step 3 in our automatic list updates guide to subscribe them.

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