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List sharing - Personalize outgoing emails
List sharing - Personalize outgoing emails
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In this article, we're excited to introduce the upgraded list sharing experience, featuring a new rich text editor that enables you to craft both plain text and styled emails. With personalization tokens, you can deliver more customized messaging experiences, and the new email previewer lets you confidently check your email's appearance before sending it to clients. Keep reading to learn more!

Quick Guide: How to Share a List

  1. Open the list and click "Share your list": Find the "Share your list" button at the top right corner of the page and click on it.

  2. Choose recipients: Select the contacts you want to share the list with.

  3. Create a message or select an email template: Write a personalized message and choose between "Plain text email" and "Styled email", or select an email template.

  4. Add tokens and set fallbacks (optional): Click the {...} icon to insert personalization tokens for a more tailored experience and set fallback values for tokens that may have empty values.

  5. Preview the email: Use the email previewer to check your message and ensure tokens are working correctly.

  6. Send the email: Click "Send" to share the list with your recipients.

For a more detailed description, please keep reading!

Select an Email Template

Email templates are pre-designed structures that help you create professional-looking emails quickly. They can contain personalization tokens for automatic customization that help you ensure you're providing a tailored experience for each recipient. To learn more about our Email templates feature, check out our Help Center article linked here.

Create a message ✏️

After selecting your list recipients, it's time to write your message or select an email template. When creating a new message, use the switch above the email subject to toggle between "Plain text email" and "Styled email" options.

Plain text email

The editor now supports plain text emails, which may improve email deliverability and help your messages land in your client's main inbox.

Please note πŸ“š: For plain text versions, you need to include the "List URL" in the message, which is one of the personalization tokens. Unlike the styled email version, we don't automatically add a button below your text. Click here to learn more.

Styled email

Our default styled emails enhance your email's visual appeal, making them more engaging for your audience. They automatically include a button that opens the list for your clients and logs them in.

Now you can also format your text by selecting that text part that you want to style and picking one of these options:

  • Bold

  • Underlined

  • Italic

  • Bullet point list

  • Numbered list

Personalize Emails with Tokens

Sharing candidate lists with multiple recipients can make personalizing each email challenging. Our solution uses personalization tokens for automatic customization. Tokens serve as placeholders for relevant information, such as the recipient's name or list name, and are replaced with the appropriate data when the email is sent, ensuring a tailored experience for each recipient.

To add a token, click anywhere in the text and then on the {...} icon on the right, as shown below:

Fallback on tokens

Fallbacks help maintain coherent and engaging emails even when certain data points are unavailable. A fallback value is a predefined alternative that replaces a personalization token when the intended data is missing. The following tokens currently offer the option of setting a fallback, as these are the only ones that may be empty:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Company name

For example, if you use a token for the recipient's first name but their first name isn't available on the contact record, the fallback value (such as "there" or "friend") is used instead. This prevents emails from containing gaps where relevant information should be.

List URL for plain text emails

Since plain text emails don't include a button below your message to open the list, you'll need to include the "List URL" as a personalization token so your clients have a link to click on and open the list.

Preview emails

The preview feature pre-fills personalization tokens or fallbacks to give you an accurate look at how your personalized emails will appear before they're sent. To switch between recipients in the preview, use the dropdown menu located at the top right corner:

Keep in mind: You may notice that on your "Activity" tab, sent emails show up with the tokens in their default state. Fret not, as this is normal and only for internal display purposes, we assure you that the emails your clients receive are properly filled in with either the corresponding data or your set fallback text.

πŸ‘‹ We are always here for you if you need us!

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