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AI Generated Recruiter Notes with ChatGPT
AI Generated Recruiter Notes with ChatGPT
Updated over a week ago

When creating a submittal on you can now be faster and smarter than ever with our AI-Powered Recruiter Notes. This feature uses ChatGPT to generate detailed candidate summaries, highlighting their relevant skills and experiences to the job they're being submitted to, based on the job and candidate data from Bullhorn.

You can generate up to three unique AI responses to serve as drafts to create compelling write-ups. Simply add your favorite one and customize or adjust it as needed, as shown below:

Our ChatGPT-Powered Recruiter Notes take the job title and description from Bullhorn. Below are some insights about how this works:

  • If the job description is less than 30 characters, it's automatically skipped

  • If skipped, it will fall back to the published job description, which will also be skipped if it has less than 30 characters, in which case the job title will remain

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