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Candidate skills behavior explained
Candidate skills behavior explained
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Candidately parses your candidate’s resume and automatically extracts the most important skills from the candidate including the year of experience for each skill.

On your settings, you can change if skills should be added automatically, should be recommended, or should not be added at all.

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Step 1

Go to your General Settings and scroll down to the section Candidate skills behavior.


Step 2

Select the desired candidate's skills and behavior

  1. By default skills including the years of experience for each skill will be added automatically when you add a candidate to a submission.

  2. Switch the setting to “Recommend skills to be added”. In this case, you will get the most important skills of your candidate recommended and can then decide to add them by clicking on each skill bubble.

  3. Switch the setting to “Do not add or recommend skills”. In this case, you will not see any skills added or recommended.

Additionally, you have the option to manually search skills and add them to your candidate submission.

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