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What is Candidately?

Candidately is the market leading client portal for Bullhorn. It reduces the busywork associated with candidate submissions and helps recruiters and account managers to create stunning candidate submissions right from within Bullhorn. Share candidates with clients as a link instead of attaching resumes to an email. Get faster client feedback, see when a client viewed your submission, increase client satisfaction and make more placements.

Why Candidately?

The traditional process of submitting candidates to clients is fraught with frustration. Individual recruiters as well as national staffing and recruiting firms generally submit candidates to their clients as an email attachment. The problem is that candidates get lost in email, and it’s difficult to report on and manage the process.

The old way creates a bad client experience and increases the chances that the best candidates drop out of the pipeline. No one wants to see 10 attachments in an email, have endless email threads, or wait 2 weeks for feedback. We believe in a better way and that every staffing and recruiting team deserves to have a stunning client experience. That's why we are building Candidately to become the #1 digital storefront for staffing and recruiting teams globally

1. Give clients instant access to your candidate submissions.

Let clients instantly access and view your candidates. On desktop and mobile. No login or signup is required for your clients!‍

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2. Keep your candidate presentations consistent.

Give clients a consistent way to review candidate submissions.‍

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3. Get instant feedback and enable collaboration.

Give clients a faster way to provide candidate feedback and let them collaborate with their team on your submissions.‍

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4. Get real-time analytics and instant insights.

Never miss a beat. Get live insights when clients have clicked, viewed, or requested a candidate.‍

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5. Stand out with your brand

Your logo, your colors, your own URL. Make it all yours and 'wow' your customers with an uncompromisingly great candidate presentation.‍

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You can call it a client portal, we call it the digital storefront for forward-thinking staffing companies.‍

Giving staffing and recruiting companies a digital-first way to keep candidates in front of their customers, is our way to help the industry move one step forward.‍

That's just the first step. We are only getting started.

👋 We are always here for you if you need us!

Remember, our whole team is around, almost 24/7 to support you! In fact, you can simply press the messenger button on the bottom right of this page to start chatting with us! Our team will be happy to assist you.

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