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Single and Multiple Select Field Types
Single and Multiple Select Field Types
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In this article, youโ€™ll find everything you need to know about the Single and Multiple Select field types. Letโ€™s begin by quickly defining them:

  • The Single Select field type allows you to choose one option from a list

  • The Multiple Select field type allows you to select multiple options from a list

These field types enable you to manually enter options as well as copy and paste them. For the latest, simply click on "Paste in options" and place them on their own line as shown below:

What happens when I rename an option?

If you rename an option on these field types, it will automatically be renamed for any candidates that have that field set up.

What happens if a remove an option?

If you remove any option from these field types, it will keep showing for any candidates that had that field set up. In order to remove this option from existing candidates on your lists, simply edit the candidate submittal. When doing this, the option that has been removed from the corresponding field will show up in red, making it easier for you to identify it and if needed, delete it from the candidate profile:

Pro Tip ๐Ÿ’ก: Learn how to map Bullhorn fields to these fields to automatically import data in our Field Mappings Help Center article.

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