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How does the Search Bar work for my clients?
How does the Search Bar work for my clients?
Updated over a week ago

Candidately allows your clients to search for candidates on your shared lists.

The following filtering options are included:

  • Skills

  • Location

  • Work experience

  • Remote work

Here is how the search looks like


Besides the default filter options, your clients can use Boolean Syntax to search for candidates.

A Boolean search request consists of a group of words or phrases linked by connectors such as AND, OR, NOT that indicate the relationship between them.

Below you can see a few examples.

Expression and Meaning

  • apple AND pear β†’ Both words must be present

  • apple OR pear β†’ Either word can be present

  • apple AND NOT pear β†’ apple must be present and pear must not be present

Using multiple Connectors

If you use more than one connector, you should use parentheses to indicate precisely what you want to search for. For example, apple AND pear OR orange could mean

  1. (apple AND pear) or orange,

  2. or it could mean apple AND (pear OR orange).

Special Operators

Search terms may include the following special characters:

  • ( ) Parentheses for precedence and grouping.

  • ? Matches any single character. Example: appl? matches apply or apple.

  • `` Matches any number of characters. Example: appl* matches application.

  • ~ Fuzzy search. Example: managang~ matches managing.

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