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Step 1

Copy the custom tab URL from your Candidately Settings.


Step 2

Head over to your Bullhorn Settings and click “Admin”


Next select “View Layout”


Step 3

Select “Job” in the Field Map Entity dropdown:


Next select the “Custom Tabs” section


Scroll down and click “Add new”



  • Add the custom tab name, in this case, “Candidately

  • Tick the “Enabled” checkbox

  • Paste the custom tab URL from your Candidately settings

  • Select the user type that should see the custom Candidately tab on jobs.

  • Save


Step 4

Repeat the same process for Job II, Job III and Job IV.


Step 5

Check if the custom tab is visible on all your jobs in Bullhorn


Troubleshooting the Candidately custom tab

There could be several reasons why your custom is not visible.

Reason 1

Double check Check if you have added the custom to all Job types on your Bullhorn Settings.


Reason 2

Double check if you have enabled the custom tab for the correct user types on your Bullhorn settings.


Reason 3

Double-check if Candidately is enabled on your Job Layout in Bullhorn


Reason 4

In rare cases, custom tabs could take a few minutes to load in Bullhorn. Log out of your Bullhorn account and log back in.

Should any of the above issues persist or if you face unexpected issues please don’t hesitate to contact our tech team at [email protected]. We are always happy to help out!

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